The New Eleven

Today I tried the “accepting Cal for who he is” thing.

It didn’t work so well.

I looked at Cal with his mushy chubby cheeks.

He’s not fat

but I got uncomfortable wishing his face were more tone.

It had nothing to do with him.

My mother-in-law had told my mom Cal is heavy.

So I winced inside when I looked at his slightly pudgy face today,

Worried other people won’t think I’m a good Mom,

Thinking if Cal looks different, people will think I’m doing a bad job.

– It’s about judging myself, not Cal.


One Response to “The New Eleven”

  1. ellen sandor says:

    tough art saves!

    btw I LOVE your mother-in law!

    keep writing, it’s a highlight of my day.

    ALL of it inspires and moves me as well as others.

    fearless, honest “child of mine”