The Eleven (11 lines about me and my autistic 11 year-old)

Went to a “fearless” class.

Stan, a Dad who’s son used to be autistic,

said it’s all about the “attitude”—

Being OK if Cal never changes.

This week my goal is to accept Cal now

whether he recovers or not.

My friend said, don’t be attached to the outcome.

I don’t need my happiness to depend on whether or not Cal recovers.

I could be happy even if he doesn’t change

while still going for my goal (Cal changing).

I’ll let you know what happens.


4 Responses to “The Eleven (11 lines about me and my autistic 11 year-old)”

  1. Julie says:

    11 beautifully written lines

  2. ellen sandor says:

    as I said on facebook
    you touch me, you inspire me, you move me. You always were an old soul

  3. RJ Greene says:

  4. bethy says:

    Since what we don’t know is what makes us nervous probably better for all your relationship not to have a plan for your kid….kids have a way of not following our little plans for them, but gosh they can be so cute when they are sleeping….:)